Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

This past Saturday morning, Wes and I were busy picking the house up. We had Tarzan on for kids. In the beginning of the movie there is a part where a Gorilla is fighting a cheetah and it falls out of a tree I'm assuming to it's death. Brady comes running into Wes and I and proceeds the following conversation. "Mommy, Daddy, Oh no does that cheetah die in Tarzan?" I say, " I'm not sure buddy, maybe." Brady says, "It's ok Mom, the cheetah will be resurected." And walks out of the room. Wes and I look at eachother with laughter and amazement in our eyes. Who is this kid? I guess he really is listening. Oh how we love him.

Happiest Place on Earth

We are spoiled to live so close to Disneyland. We have the luxury of having annual passes. So as often as our busy lives allow, we like to escape for the day. We went this pass week with Nanny. The weather was beautiful and the kids were great. Had to get this one last trip in before the summer crowds hit. Brady of course loves "The Scariest Buzz" (Brady's words) ride. He says he got 79 points this last time. He is so fun. Coleman just points his arm vigorously and yells in excitement.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Broken Arm

What a crazy week we have had. Started with me leaving the fam for my Young Women camp out on Friday night and returning Saturday morning with the stomach flu. Yuck!! Wes being the great Dad that he is tried to keep the kids away and out of the house. So off to the park they went on their bikes. Brady fell off of that zip line contraption at the park landing him in the ER with a broken arm. Wes was quite the hero. Manning both kids by himself and managing to get Coleman down for a nap and to the hospital with Brady, while I was still barfing. Brady is the toughest little guy ever. He has been such a trooper. They sent him home in a splint and told us to go to the ortho on Monday. So to the ortho we went. My biggest concern was "How am I going to keep this cast from smelling?" Well lucky me, they have invented waterproof cast, for those of us with this issue. Brady was so excited about his blue cast. I was very thrilled it was from the elbow down too. Then on Tuesday I went to the gym for my regular workout and put the boys in the kids club. About 30 min later I am paged back to the kids club. What do I find? Brady's cast in his hand. It fell off! When he took his sweatshirt off it came off too. So back to the ortho. I'm telling you, my little Brady is a trooper. He was so brave! Well long story short, he is now in a long cast from his shoulder down. Waterproof is not an option for long cast either! But most importantly he is thrilled about his blue cast! I hope we never experience another broken bone again.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint, we were able to enjoy are semi annual general conference Easter weekend. This is a time when our church leaders speak to us over a course of two days. It is something I always look forward to. This weekend was no different. I enjoy hearing the words of our latter day prophets. I especially look forward to the council and testimonies they share. This weekend was extra special because Easter happened to fall on the same weekend. A time to remember the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. A time to contemplate and give praise to the life He freely gave so I might return to live with Him and my Heavenly Father again. The atonement has made it possible for imperfect me to repent and continually strive to keep the commandments. Where I fall short he is there to help me improve. I know that my Savior knows me individually. He knows my every thought, my every need, and my every desire. He holds me up when I am down and carries my burdens and pains when I can no longer carry them on my own. I feel His love every where around me. As I listened to conference, I began to notice a common thread or theme between the speakers. The theme being, Protect the Family! Be a good Mother, Father, Grandparent, child, and so on. Satan will attack the family unit until he wins, so we need to put up our walls and put on our armor and fight like nobodies business. I am so grateful to have the sacred role of being a mother. What would my life be with out my two little ones? Without Wes? Oh how lucky I am. Here are some pictures of the kids searching for easter eggs. They weren't that into it. Brady would rather be jumping on the trampoline and Coleman would rather be playing with a ball. Fine with me. Brady did however get quite excited about the easter bunny. His words, " That silly Bunny got all crazy in my house with string. He wrapped it around things and like I had to find my basket." The Easter Bunny ties a string to the kids door and they have to follow it to there basket. Simple, yet so thrilling for a 3 yr old.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


This little boy keeps us laughing all day long. I don't want to forget some of the cute/funny things he says, so I will write the ones at front of my mind.

"Mom, I just killed a lizard and its eyes are squishing out. Is that a bad choice?"
"Mom, does Jesus have a button that makes the sun go down and the moon come up?"

This next one is usually said when coleman is bugging him.
"Mom, Coleman says he's ready for a nap. Put him in his crib please."
At least he's polite about it, right?

When I raise my voice this is usually the reaction I get.
"Jesus is going to be very mad at you because you are not making the right choice. Your voice is yelling at me!"

Wes and I found a brochure on our winshield and concluded that our neighbor Rodney must have left it for us. Brady pipes up in the back seat saying, "That silly old Rodney."

He wants to know everything! His little brain never stops. He is always talking and going 100 mph. Who's son is he? haha. Love this little guy to pieces!


Yeah!! is his new favorite word. "Coleman, do you want to go outside?" "Yeah!", "Coleman, do you want a baba (bottle)?" "Yeah!", "Coleman, do you want to go bye bye?" "Yeah!". Try to imagine his cute little face scrunched up in pure excitement as he yells, "YEAH!". He is so fun to be around. You can't help but want to squeeze him when he's in arms reach. As he runs around the house his big cheeks jiggle and I find myself kissing them to no end. He has dicovered that the quickest way to get a reaction is chomping down with his teeth. He's giving Brady a run for his money. I love my little Mr. Mash(aka Coleman)!!

Fresh Start

I have recently been thinking much about what I am forgetting. I don't ever want to forget all the experiences and memories our family is and has been creating. So today I am recomitting myself to my blog. I'm not quite sure why this blogging thing has been so hard, but I am now looking at it as my personal journal. A place where I can just be me. A place where I can share whatever. A place where I can vent. Even a place to praise and express gratitude. It's my own place where I can brag about my kids if I want to. I enjoy being able to put it all out there for anyone to read...but really and truly, when it comes down to it, this is all just for me and my family. My blog is my journal. When these post are long forgotten by my readers - I can just imagine Brady and Coleman - in their teens, or with their children - going back through the archives, or flipping through the volumes of blog books chronicled by year. I can imagine them reading about the day they took their first little steps, or their very first birthday, their interactions with each other, funny things that they said, and heartwarming things that they did. I would give anything for my own mother's "blog" - just something, anything - that might take me back to my perfect childhood. I think that's what disturbs me the most about my recent respite from's knowing that in a few months time, possibly a year or two, maybe more - the events and happenings of the past couple of months, will most likely be distant in my memory...maybe even fade completely. That's why right here and now, I'm recommitting myself to my journal. I'll do my best to recap some of the highlights from the past month or two, as well as resolve to never again allow such a significant lapse between entries. And really, not that any of you care all that much whether or not I blog, or for that matter, the frequency of my posts...but I care because it's my life, and it's about my family...and because, possibly - in our not so distant future - this here blog, will be a very important link to our past. So here"s to a fresh start.