Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

This past Saturday morning, Wes and I were busy picking the house up. We had Tarzan on for kids. In the beginning of the movie there is a part where a Gorilla is fighting a cheetah and it falls out of a tree I'm assuming to it's death. Brady comes running into Wes and I and proceeds the following conversation. "Mommy, Daddy, Oh no does that cheetah die in Tarzan?" I say, " I'm not sure buddy, maybe." Brady says, "It's ok Mom, the cheetah will be resurected." And walks out of the room. Wes and I look at eachother with laughter and amazement in our eyes. Who is this kid? I guess he really is listening. Oh how we love him.

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David & Natalie said...

hey kristy- its natalie fenn. i dont have your email, but i wanted to tell you that i found an awesome spot for the photoshoot- i'm going to post pictures of it soon and you can tell me if it seems like it'd work, if the rasmussen's spot isn't close or doesn't work out. just an idea!